Lines of Research

Technology, Management and Inovation

This line of research explores the new information and communication technologies for the development of new methodologies, techniques and processes for organization management.


  • Andréa Cristina Trierweiller
  • Paulo César Leite Esteves
  • Simone Meister Sommer Bilessimo
  • Solange Maria da Silva
  • Vilson Gruber
  • Dalton Fracisco de Andrade


Educational Technology

This line of research focuses on the study, conception, development and construction of teaching and learning support materials (hardware and software) for use at the different levels of education. The goal is to help promote the development of abilities and competencies for the use of technology as a support for educational innovations.


  • Fernando José Spanhol
  • Giovani Lunardi Mendonça
  • Simone Meister Sommer Bilessimo
  • Gustavo Ribeiro Da Costa Alves (collaborating)
  • Juarez Bento da Silva
  • Patrícia Jantsch Fiuza
  • Graziela Fátima Giacomazzo (collaborating)
  • Marcelo Daniel Berejuck (collaborating)


Computer Technology

The aim of this line of research is to develop computational models, techniques and tools to assist in the solution of interdisciplinary problems. Specifically, this line of research seeks to develop new computer technologies to be applied in the education and management areas.


  • Eliane Pozzebon
  • Cristian Cechinel
  • João Bosco da Mota Alves
  • Robson Rodrigues Lemos
  • Roderval Marcelino
  • Antonio Carlos Sobieranski (collaborating)
  • Vinicius Faria Culmant Ramos (collaborating)