Master’s Degree Course Selection and Enrolment:

Edital n° 03/PPGTIC/2017
Edital  n.°04/PPGTIC/2016 – Selection Process Retification
Edital  n.° 03/PPGTIC/2016
Edital n.°05/PPGTIC/2015
Edital n.°05/PPGTIC/2014
Edital n.°01/PPGTIC/2014

Post-Doctoral Scholarship Selective Process – PNPD/CAPES:
Edital n.°03/PPGTIC/2015
Edital n.°03/PPGTIC/2014

Social Demand Scholarship Selection/CAPES:
Edital n.°02/PPGTIC/2014

Isolated Subject Enrolment*:
Edital n.°02/PPGTIC/2015
Edital n.°04/PPGTIC/2014

Teacher Accreditation:

Edital n°. 02/PPGTIC/2017
Edital  n.°06/PPGTIC/2015

*There’s no more isolated subject enrolment notice; the instructions are always published on this website’s homepage, right before each quarter’s beggining.