Visual Identity

PPGTIC’s visual identity was designed to facilitate and strengthen the promotion of actions taken by the program. The PPGTIC logo must always be used in:

  • Promotional materials for activities organized by the program’s faculty and students (events, courses, etc.);
  • Paper presentations in events (slides and posters);
  • Websites of the research groups linked to the program, connected to the PPGTIC webpage.

According to the UFSC Visual Identity Manual (page 24), other logos used in the institution must always be accompanied by the UFSC logo, which shall be presented first in the reading order. This way, the PPGTIC logo shall always be accompanied by the UFSC logo, which can be found on this webpage.


Logo for light backgrounds
Logo for dark backgrounds
Slides Presentation Template (4×3)
Slides Presentation Template (widescreen)
Poster Template