Event aid

Complemental financial support requests for work presentations in events in Brazil or other countries must be made through the  electronic form of Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação (PROPG).

The CAPES/PROF rules allow aiding only, in events participation, teachers and students in work presentations. Each teacher or student can obtain one aid per year, that will be handed preferentially to the first autor. The aid will be conceived as aiding scholarship, and can be used to cover travelling, accommodation and food expenses.

After registering in the system using the CPF, the requester must submit all information required in the form. Event data, work’s autors personal information, expenses prediction and some documents (work acceptance letter or submission proofs, work abstract and event date proof – begin and end) will be required.

The request is evaluated by PPGTIC’s and PROPG’s coordination and may or not be approved. The decision then will be warned to the requester, which must present event expenses’ proofs.



Step Period
Request submission Until the last day of the month
Program coordinators analisis From each month’s day 1 to day 5
Management commitee analisis From each month’s day 6 to day 14
Result divulgation After each month’s day 15

Complemental Financial Support Requests to Student’s Events Participation

The request must be submitted, through the electronic form(http://auxilioprpg.sistemas.ufsc.br/), following the chronogram below:

Event realization month

Request’s deadline

Result divulgation date

January Until november 1st. Starting in november 15th
February Until december 1st. Starting in december 15th
March Until january 1st. Starting in january 15th
April Until february 1st. Starting in february 15th
May Until march 1st. Starting in march 15th
June Until april 1st. Starting in april 15th
July Until may 1st. Starting in may 15th
August Until june 1st. Starting in june 15th
September Until july 1st. Starting in july 15th
October Until august 1st. Starting in august 15th
November Until september 1st. Starting in september 15th
December Until october 1st. Starting in october 15th

For more information, read the Diretriz para a Distribuição dos Recursos PROAP/PROPG.