Support for Paper Presentation in Events

Requests for complementary financial support for paper presentations delivered in events in Brazil or abroad must be made through this electronic form managed by the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG).

Each faculty member or student can obtain only one support per year, which will be given preferably to the first author of the paper, in the form of a grant. This grant can be used to cover travelling, accommodation and food expenses.

After registering in the system, the requester must submit all information required in the form, including the event details, personal information about the paper authors, expected expenses and submission of relevant documents (acceptance letter or proof of paper submission, paper abstract, and proof of event start and end date).

The request is evaluated by PPGTIC and PROPG and may or may not be approved. The requester will be informed of the decision, and, if approved, shall provide proof of expenses to obtain the grant.

Step Period
Request submission Until the last day of the month
Program Coordinator analysis From the 1st to the 5th day of each month
Management Commitee analysis From the 6th to the 14th day of each month
Results announcement After the 15th day of each month

Requests for Complementary Financial Support for Student Participation in Events

The request must be submitted through this electronic form:, following the schedule below:

Month of the event

Request deadline

Results announcement

January 1 November From 15 November
February 1 December From 15 December
March 1 January From 15 January
April 1 February. From 15 February
May 1 March From 15 March
June 1 April From 15 April
July 1 May From 15 May
August 1 Jjune From 15 June
September 1 July From 15 July
October 1 August. From 15 August
November 1 September From 15 September
December 1 October From 15 October

For more information, read the PROAP/PROPG Guideline for Resources Distribution (in Portuguese).