Master’s scholarships have a duration of up to 24 months, with no possibility of renewal.

They are worth R$1,500.00 per month.

The scholarship distribution, allocation, monitoring and suspension is managed by the PPGTIC Scholarship Committee.


The selection of scholarship recipients – among newly admitted students, in case of substitutions, and if new scholarships are made available – is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee and is based on the rank of the student in the selection process as well as on a balance in the scholarship distribution among the three lines of research of the Program.

In case of a tie in the Selection Process ranking, the tie breaker will be the highest score in the research project and, if the tie continues, the highest score in the written exam. If the tie still remains, then a draw of lots will be conducted.


  • The program coordinator may cancel a scholarship and/or change the scholarship recipient at any time;
  • Students in extension period or leave of absence cannot be granted scholarships, except in cases covered by law.

Joint Ordinance no.1 of 15 July 2010 – CAPES, CNPq
Ordinance no. 76 of 14 April  2010 – CAPES