Master’s Degree scholarship may have up to 24 months duration, with no prorrogation possibility.

Master’s Degree scholarship’s mensal value is: R$ 1.500,00.

Scholarship’s distribution, alocation, attendance and revocation are managed by Comissão de Bolsas do PPGTIC (PPGTIC’s Scholarship Comission).


In order to scholarship selection between incoming students, to quote substitution and if there’s new scholarships disponibilization, the criterion will be the student’s classification on the Selective Process and the scholarship’s distribution balance among the 3 (three) PPGTIC’s research lines.

That is, the first scholarship concession (substitution) starts with the student with the highest final average grade on the whole Selective Process and then, with such research line contemplated, the next scholarship concession will be attributed to one of the remaining areas, primarily obeying the resource (scholarship) distribution balance criterion among the lines, and as a second criterion, the student with the highest grade on the Selective Process; this way, with two lines attended, the third scholarship concession goes to the student with the highest grade on the Selective Process of the still not contemplated line; and so on, sucessively.

P.S.: In case of draw on the Selective Process’ final grade, the criterion will be the research project’s highest grade and, if the draw continues, the criterion will be the highest grade on the test and still, if the draw remains, there’ll be a sort.


  • At any moment, the program’s coordination may cancel and/or change the scholarship;
  • It’s vetoed scholarship concession to students in prorrogation or locking period, unless in the cases predicted in legislation.


Observed egislation:
Portaria Conjunta Nº 1, 15 Julho 2010 – CAPES, CNPq
Portaria Nº 76, 14 de Abril de 2010 – CAPES